Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A New Sub

I accepted a new sub yesterday. I am in shock. How did this even happen so quickly? I wasnt looking for a new sub. He is a friend that I have talked to and teased for years. We had started to talk more often in recent weeks. I still dont know what I will call him. It seems that my subs have a habit of all starting their first name with the letter "J".  I have a few nicknames for him but they hardly seem appropriate. I told Casanova and a few close friends last night before writing this post.

Any ideas for what I may call this sub on my blog?
He has the exact same first name as my ex sub.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Femdom Erotica

I knock on the door. It's my house, but I knock to give him a moment to present himself properly when I enter. I open the door to find him naked standing next to the tv. His hands are behind his back. His feet are shoulder width apart. Black sweatpants lay in the floor behind him. I walk through the house checking to see that all of his chores are done. He remains perfectly still awaiting my aproval.

"Slave, come lay on my bed" I called out across the house.

I propped myself against the wall and watched him crawl into the bed. He put the wrist cuffs on  himself. I put the ankle restaints in him. I took off my white button up shirt, exposing my green tank too and cleavage. I watched as his errection grew. Then I laid next to him, moving my long brown hair out of the way. I put my hand on his shoulder and whisered in his ear " you are mine. You Belong To Me. I am going to enjoy you every last bit of you. Now be a good boy and tell me your safe word "


"very good"

I slide my hand over that soft skin covering his cock. I place  a gentle kiss on the tip of his dick. Then  I lick down the length of it teasing his cock, enjoying watching it under my touch. Seeing it glisten in the light, covered in my spit, made me want to see it twitch shooting cum into the air.

I allowed just half of it in my mouth, exploring every crevice with my tongue.  Enjoying the feel of that hard flesh in my mouth I closed my eyes and moan as I suck. The bed shifts as he gently pulls at his restraints. I smile as I touch my teeth to the head of his cock in a gentle bite. I make eye contact with him. I can see lust,joy, and shock in his eyes. I resume sucking. My hands massaging the along the shaft as my mouth moves back. My toungue rubbing against the head of his cock before I plunge it back into my mouth. I push it down my throat swallowing around it. Then gently touch my teeth to him again with every but if his cock in my mouth and throat. I resume sucking and stroking his cock. I feel my own desire growing in my stomach making my panties way. I moan around his cock.

I stand up. I look down at the man laying in my bed, tied down and helpless. He is sexy, and the sight of him bound there with his cock exposed nearly seems too perfect. I take off my jeans, showing that my panties match the tank top. I know he is watching as I pull the tank top off. The black bra follows my other clothes to a pile in the floor. I slip the panties down next.

I crawl from the foot of the bed over his naked body. I whisper "Don't forget the rules, or I my flogger will remind you later"

"Yes Miss Lily"

I let him watch happily as I lower myself into him. I move my body to music that only I can hear in my head. My hands move down my body, across his stomach, over his chest,and through his hair. I notice his breathing seems a bit faster. I reach down and twist his left nipple. I bite my lip. I tilt my head back and moan.My hair grazes his balls. I feel my first orgasm wash over me, followed my another soon after like waves crashing on the shore.

"May I cum?"


I continue moving my hips to the same dance, torturing him a few more agonizing seconds. I watch him beneath me trying to keep control and avoid a beating later. I stop. I roll off him. I run my fingers through my hair.

I turn facing away from him before returning to my dance, using his body for my pleasure. I tap my fingers against his balls. Time passes quickly. Soon he asks again.

Please may I cum?

Yes, cum for me

I feel his hot explosion inside me. I roll off of his body again.

I lick and suck his cock, making him moan, yell, and squirm. I run my tongue over the head of his dick a little more quickly.

I hear "Please, please please mistress" in his strained voice.

I stop. I crawl up his body. Place one hand on each cheek and kiss him. Pushing some of his cum into his mouth with my tongue. I hold him until I am done kissing him.

"Good boy. I am proud of you."

I cuddle next to him a few moments before I allow him out of bed.

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wishy washy

I have wrote this and deleted it atleast three times. While I feel brave I am going to push publish. I love to write. Most of my experience is either as a mistress or a bottom in bedroom kink. I consider myself a switch because I drift somewhere between submissive fantasy and domanant dreams. Casanova is my switch. We are doing well although work is making our contact a little less frequent than it has been in previous months. A friend of mine who reads my blog has pointed out that my writing has been more from a submissive view over the past few weeks. I have given Casanova the dominant role over the past few weeks. I feel the need to let my readers know that my role switching with Casanova affects my writing. A burst of depression has stolen my desire to write recently but I am sure it will return soon. Today I am posting a  femdom erotica piece for those of you who miss that.

 I am open to suggestions from my readers.  Should I start labeling stuff M/f vs F/m ?

Also, thank you to those of you who read.
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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sir, Please Open my Cage.

She felt his eyes on her. She tensed her stomach under his gaze and stretched her hands up toward the top bars. She moved elegantly almost like a dance. She twirled on her toes, knowing her hair would surround her as she spun. She was careful not to touch any of those cold metal bars that surrounded her. She knew exactly how much room she had to move almost like her cage was just another part of her.

He watched her muscles move beneath her bare skin. He  was proud to own such a beautiful specimen.

She stopped twirling, lightly touching the bars on each side of her. She met his gaze with a smile. She brushed her long hair behind her, exposing her breasts. Seeing the lust in his eyes made her heart full with happines and beat a little faster. She closed those last few steps and waited for him to get closer. She twirled a lock of hair between her fingers, admiring the man walking closer.

"You are a beautiful little minx" he said still enjoying the sight of the beautiful naked girl moving around her cage. He touched the key in his pocket. He knew her eyes would follow his hands.

She released the bars of the cage. He wondered if the memory of the electricity surging through the metal bars at his sadistic will made her move. He couldn't hide the smile.

"Oh my, you are stunning" she purred. Don't you want to come in here and play with your little sex doll?" She backed away from the door, stopping just an inch away from the back wall. Her eyes never left his, daring him to just enter her little box.

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "Now, you know better" He said in a stern voice.

"Please. I'm bored. Come play with me."

She ran her fingers through her hair. Her hands moved over her skin. She twisted her nipples teasing him. She moaned and whined "please come play with me. You would enjoy yourself. I promise."

"What will you do for me after I unlock that cage?" He asked

"Anything you want" She psused. "Everything you want" She spun around giving him a glance of every inch of her beautiful body. "I would love to show you how I can make you moan" then she licked one of the metal bars.

He was just inches away from  the lock. The key was in his hand. She could hear him push it into the lock. Buzz Buzz Buzz . His call phone was ringing. He looked at it. His eyes showed a hint of frustration as he took the call walking away. Before he left he waved, showing the key in his hand and giving her one last lustful look.

She had taken her clothes off waiting for him hours ago. She had tied them to the bars and now she hung from her clothes. Naked, upside down, and posing she waved and winked just efire he turned his back for the last time leaving the room.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

deleted post

I have deleted "Master and Slave"
It was written to show that different people get different meaning from religion. It was poorly written on my part. I do not intend to convince anyone of my viewpoint through the use of religion. I apologise to anyone who took offense.

Thank you

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Panties Pictures, Erotica

Finally something I wrote based on me daydreaing of a sexy man who takes beautiful pictures.

"How does it feel knowing you are about to be fucked deeper than you have ever been fucked before?" He said just above a whisper.

We were standing in the Hotel lobby. There were people everywhere. Infact I am nearly sure the older gentleman in the business suit behind us heard exactly what he said. I knew my eyes for a little wider hearing him say that. I had seen a few pictures of his well endowed equipment when we first met months ago but I had'nt really thought about his size since then. We talked daily. He was funny and the phone sex was good. Oh my god. His voice was unbelievable!

"Oh fuck. It sounds painful, but exciting. Let's go find out" I whispered back

He smiled. It was that purely manly smile that screamed dirty thoughts. We had already paid for the room and checked in. We both had several bags to carry up to the room. He was a gentleman and took my large bag filled with clothes.

We walked in and there was plenty of room. A beautiful view. A large bed, reminding me what would come later.

"I will go get the ice." He offered before leaving.

That gave me time to go to the bathroom and make sure my make up looked perfect. I hid the makeup bag in the nightstand drawer, sure that I would need it again. I got my red robe from my bag. I started taking off my clothes. There was no need to hide in the restroom since he would see my the expensive spray tan that covered every inch of my skin later tonight. I was putting on the red stilettos when he returned with ice.  He looked something between shocked and happy. I instantly regretted the decision to undress so quickly.

"Ready to get started already? Wow you do look amazing, doll. Would you like a drink first?"

"Yes a drink would be great" I replied. I was thankful for the red silk robe that covered my lingerie. I sat on the chair by the bed while he used the table to mix some drinks. I didn't bother watching to see what was in it. I took my drink and drank half of it in one gulp. He took a few small sips from his drink. It only took him a few moments to get ready himself. My eyes were glued to him. His hands showed proof that he was a contractor Monday through Friday. His short nails and callused hands could not lie.

"Ok, give me your drink doll" he demanded with his hand out to take the drink. "You have had enough for now. You can have more later"

"Yes" I stammered as I handed him the cup.

He stood there waiting. I took a deep breathe wondering if this part would be easier with a photographer whom I didn't know whom I would not be having sex with later. I stood and removed the robe, handing it to him. He took it with a professional smile and dropped it in the floor. I say back in my chair with my legs crossed, my arms propped on the sides. He raised his camera took a few pictures. Then he ran his fingers through my hair. He put his hand on my back, over my bra step pulling my body to the angle he wanted. Then he did the same with his hand on my knee. He took a few more pictures.

"Walk over there" he pointed to the window with the view.

I did as told. I reached the window and took a moment to enjoy the view. Then I turned around. I decided to lean on the wall just next to the window. He clicked a few more pictures before he sat his camera on the bed. His hands took my wrists and placed my hands where he wanted them. I smiled thinking of his nickname for me. He called me doll, saying I am as pretty as a porcelin will and he loved he idea of me being his personal sex doll. How fitting that I let him move me and pose me as he wishes. I wonder if he has thought of a sex doll fantasy since we have been here. He clicks more pictures. I can't get his words out of my head.

 I should go kiss him. I freeze. Fuck. What's wrong with me? We have kissed before. Why do I feel like my feet won't obey? He approached me, putting long strands of pearl necklaces on me. I touch his arm. I lean forward to him. Our lips almost touch. Almost. Then I whisper in his ear "How does it feel to play with your doll? ... knowing you might fuck her later."

He smiled. His eyes moved down my body. His hands followed. The heat of his hands on my skin felt amazing. He kissed me with his hands resting on my hips. I put one hand on his stomach as I wrapped my arm around him leaning into his body and could feel how tense he was.

"I want you on the bed."

I smiled and asked "How would you like me?"

"On your back. Lay with your head here." He patted the foot of the bed.

I did as told.

"No, move closer to the headboard" he ordered.

I obeyed. I propped my feet on the wall and arched my back and ardently played  with the necklaces he had put on me. His camera clicked away. I rolled onto my side. The camera kept clicking. I laid on my stomach. I sat on the edge of the bed. I posed me everyway imaginable. I was even certain that some of them could not possibly yield a decent picture. I changed into two other lingerie ensembles behind the closed bathroom door. I fixed my hair and make up a dozen times. We repeated posing here and there and everywhere.

It had  been fairly evident that he was adjusting his waistband on his pants, keeping the proof of his errection less obvious. I smiled knowing that he was enjoying the evening. It made me very happy that he got hard while taking my picture.

"I need a few more pictures, then the real fun begins" he smiled.

"How do you want me?" I was scraping for ideas of a new pose. The sun was going down. We had been busy for atleast four hours.

"Take your bra off and stand by the window" he didn't even look up. He was adjusting his camera settings.

I stood by the window and took my bra off, tossing it at his feet. He watched as I moved my long brown hair to keep my lack of pasties a secret. My hair reached just above my belly button. I was careful not to move too much as I asked "How does this look?"

He smiled. And answered by raising his camera and snapping a few pictures.

Then he pushed my hair all to my left side and behind my back. He pushed me against the wall and we kissed passionately. He smiled, looked down at me and said "now go lay on the bed, and ask me to please help you put of those panties"

"Oh," I walked to the bed wearing emerald green heels and matching panties with black lace trim. I laid down and found the bed to be comfortable. "Come here and please help me take off these panties" I said.

He sat the camera down on the table. He unclasped the shoe straps and removed them one at a time. His hands explored over my perfectly tan legs as they slowly moved up , then over my thighs and hips before he grabbed the panties and pulled them off. I suddenly felt shy knowing I was completely  naked and he was still wearing his clothes. I could feel the heat of his gaze.

He kissed my left hip. My stomach tensed. His eyes met mine for a second and he moved his hands over my hips across the curve of my waist and squeezed my breasts. "Take off your shirt" I orderred him. He laid on my stomach, kissed me, melting away my shyness. Then he used his arms to push his torso up, like a push up. He used one arm to pull his shirt over his head. He kissed me again. He kissed my neck,  collarbone, and shoulder before he took my nipple in his mouth and gently bit. I squirmed beneath his touch. His mouth kisses down my stomach. His tongue found that place that made me unable to be still. A few seconds later and I in estacy and ready for him to stop. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop but "Please, please, please, please" is all that came out. "Please, please, please," my rushed voice pleaded again. Finally he stopped. His eyes met mine. "Please fuck me" Fuck. Did I just say that? It was me, wow. I can't beleive I just fucking said that. "Please, you're gonna make me scream if you don't stop"

He smiled. "You can scream all you want." Then he returned to what he was doing.

I squeezed the blanket in my hands, squeeled, and tried to concentrate on keeping my stomach tight. I really wanted to look as perfect as his pictures would portray me to be later. I really didn't want to scream. I had lost count of the orgasms that crashed over me making thoughts short and choppy and counting impossible. I screamed. My hands covered my mouth. And muffled screams continued. I wiggled and squirmed.

I was suddenly trying to catch my breathe. Laying on my back, watching him unbutton his pants.

"No wait!" I blurted.

He froze. His green eyes were truly stunning. He was perfectly still waiting for my word.

"Over there," I breathily explained. "Sit over there first." I pointed to the chair.

He backed away without touching me and say in the chair. His hand slowly stroking himself. He had long passed his twenties. Experience showed in his eyes. He was in better shape than most 25 year old men. I picked up his camera and adjusted the focus,  then captured the image that made my heart skip a beat. "I expect a copy of that one later" I told him as I gently placed his camera back on the table.

He smiled, "we'll see"

I knelt in front of him. And wrapped my hand around it before putting it in my mouth. It looks wider than my wrist. Maybe the same size as his wrist. I explored every inch and curve with my tonge. I moaned as I sucked and moved it in and out of my mouth. I enjoyed feeling his hard flesh against my toungue, between my teeth, and in my hand. I wanted see it glistening and wet. I pushed in deeper in my mouth and swallowed around it, slowly swallowing it down my throught. Then slowly pulling it out of my mouth to admire the sight. I have him a smile before I returned to sucking and moaning. I enjoyed myself, occasionally looking up to catch a glimpse of those green eyes watching me, until my jaw began to ache from me forcing my mouth to open wide enough not to really bite with teeth.

I stood and ran my fingers through my hair. He stood. He gestured at the bed. I whispered "How do you want me?"

I could just almost see him considering his options behind those eyes. "On your hands and knees"

I crawled to the middle of the bed. He kneeled behind me. I felt his hands on my hips as he slowly pushed himself deep into me. We both took deep breathes. My hands reached to the headboard and I slowly lowered myself to my stomach. He slapped my ass. We found a rythym of him thrusting and me pushing my hips to him that made us both softly curse the stars under our breathe.

Hearing him say "oh fuck" just above a whisper just may be one of the sexiest sounds I have ever heard.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Cuck Story

Another syory from my friend. Please give him encouragement.

Ok so this one gets a little weird at the end. It was a married girl in Las Vegas. From Colombia. I think to this date the hottest woman I've ever fucked. Her name is Nicole. So I met this guy in his 50s playing cards at a casino. A nice place off the strip. We chatted for w couple hours and he told me all about his job and life. Real estate guy. Seemed like he was well off. He told me about his wife and a little about his house. I really didn't know why he has struck a conversation with me at all. We didn't have much in common. He asked me if I ever wanted to go hang out at his house and just have a couple of drinks he and his wife would be glad to have a new friend. Gave me his number and told me to call him. So a few days later I did and he was very nice. Invited me I've to the most expensive and exclusive suburb of Las Vegas. The house was huge! Two story mansion that looked like a museum. I was afraid to touch anything. I follow him to the living room and we have a couple beers. Said his wife would join us soon. He must have been about 60 or so. White hair and a neatly trimmed beard. I was expecting his wife to be the same age. When I heard her walking to where we were I turned and looked. And I was very wrong. Walking into the room was a stunning much younger Latina girl with long curly hair. Perfect body with big tits and the best ass I've ever seen. She was wearing tiny shorts and a tank top. Had just been in the pool and her hair was still wet. I couldn't help but look her over every chance I got. She was very friendly with me and I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. But I just went along and chatted with them and had some drinks. They have me a tour of the entire house. The master bedroom was as big as an apartment. It had a private exit to the pool and hot tub. When we got back to the living room she excused herself to take a quick shower. So while she's gone he asks me what I think of her. I remember saying she seems nice. He shook his head and he got real close to me and asked me if. I thought she was hot! I got a little flustered and he told me to relax and just go with it. I told him she was smoking hot! He then told me he wasn't in the best of health and had a hard time being sexual with her. She was 26. Obvious trophy wife. He asked if I v be interested in her sexually. That I was invited over to see if she would be into me. He started telling me what she likes sexually in detail. And asked me how big my dick is. And asked if I was not into this he understood. But I think he know I wasn't shy and would love a chance to fuck his wife. And he asked me if it was ok that he watched. I told him I was totally ok with it. So after a little while he got me another drink and said he was gonna go check on her. I was alone in the living room for like 20 min. I was getting a little worried but then I heard her walking down the tile hallway toward me. I looked and she was wearing the sluttiest lingerie I'd ever seen. A see through bra and panties with fishnets and garder belts. Spike heels. She walked over to me and grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it in the floor between my feet. She got on her knees and without saying a word unzipped my pants and took my dick out. Started to stroke it and of course I was hard immediately. She gives me an amazing long blowjob and she could feel that I was about to cum so she stopped. Climbed on top of me and we make out for a while. I turn my head to the kitchen and her husband is making us another drink. She stands up and takes my hand and we go get our drinks. There I am full hard on reaching for a drink from him as he smiles and then walks away. She walks me to the master bedroom and lays on the bed. I pull off her panties and start to lick her pussy and just can't help grabbing everything I could. I wanted to enjoy her body as much as possible.  She grabbed me and pulls me up and spreads her legs and asked me to fuck her. As I'm fucking her and she's moaning loser and louder I look around the room and he's nowhere in sight.
We keep fucking every way I can think of and she keeps giving me blowjobs and finally I just can't help it and I cum in her mouth. She swallows and I finally relax. We lay there for a few min and drink some. I thought that was it but after a few min she starts to suck my dick again and this time she sits in my face and we 69 for a while. Then she climbs on top and I notice he's there with fresh drinks for us and sits on a couch in the room to watch for a while. She starts taking dirty to me and to him. Asking him if this is what he wanted to see. If he liked watching his wife get fucked hard and deep by a big fat cock. He answers yes every time and I realize it's not just that he has trouble sexually but he's a bit of a cuckhold. She tells him to come close and watch what a big cock can do to her and he does. He's right on the bed with us enjoying the close up view. She asked me to stand up and gets on her knees and is sucking my dick as he's sitting right next to her. She then stops for a min and asked me if she can make him do something. And she tells me what she wants him to do. I think about if for a second and just say fuck it baby make him do it. She grabs his hand puts it on my cock and tells hem his punishment is for him to feed her some real cock. Hahahaha. At that point I didn't ducking care that he was holding my cock. She opens her mouth and he puts it in as she starts to suck me off again. After a couple of min she tells him to get lost and I done see him the rest of the night. We continue to fuck and play for a couple hours. Then we fall asleep and she wakes me up in the morning with a blowjob. I cum one more time and she asks me if I would like to do it again soon. She didn't have to ask me twice. Over the next few months I would come over about once a week or so and we would fuck all over the house. Sometimes he would watch but sometimes he would r even be there. She never made him do anything with us. They moved to LA a few months later and I never saw her again.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

4 women, + 1 man. = a 5-some ?

I haven't actually finished any posts I have started this week. And I have like 5 half written posts. Here is a story from a kinky friend. He gave permission to post here. All comments will be forwarded to him also.

Ok so the 4 women story. I know this might sound like I'm cocky or full of it but I promise I'm genuine and by no means some sorry of model or ladies man. Just got stupid lucky that night lol so I was seeing this girl at the time. Heather. She and I wanted a threesome with a girl. So a friend of mine calls me one day and asks if heather and I would like to go over to heir house and have a threesome with his wife. Beautiful Asian girl. He was out of town so he wouldn't be there. Heather and her had never met but they both lives the idea. On the way to their house heathers best friend Sarah calls and asks what we were doing. Sarah was really cute and I actually wanted her to be the one heather and j had a threesome with. Lol but I never had the balls to ask heather. So heather tells her what we were gonna go do and Sarah got really jealous because she wanted to join us but never said anything. Heather jokingly tells her to go with us and join us. Sarah said ok. Lol we called my friends wife and she said he'll if you can handle three women I'm all in. Lol so Sarah met us there. The   Three of us was in and she hand us some drinks. Sarah and heather went outside to smoke and my friends wife got on her knees in front of the couch and started sucking my dick. I looked outside and the girls were waving at me and they started to make out. After a few min the came back in and were totally naked. The sat on each side of me and the three of us made out. Then they all took turns giving me blowjobs while I made out with the other ones. They were all bi so they played with each other too. We all go to the bed and heather starts riding me while Sarah sat on my face and they all took turns doing that. We fucked for a couple hours till I just couldn't take it and had to cum. We all went downstairs again to drink and hang out and we all kept playing with each other. So the Asian girls gets on the phone to tell her best friend what we were doing. She went outside on the phone and when she came back in she didn't say anything. We were all on the couch watching porn and just having fun foreplay. Then after like 30 min the door bell rang. We all kinda freaked out and she said hey, u guys date me to answer the door naked? So we did. We didn't know she had invited her friend to join us. Short little curvy blond girl walks in the house and immediately got naked. She jumped right on me and started to grind and me and make out. Heather and Sarah took turns kissing her and sucking on her big tits. She put my cock inside her and rode me on the couch. The Asian girl made us more drinks while her friend ride me and got attacked by my girls Sarah and heather. Lol. She came after a while and we all went back up to the bed and the 5 of us just kept fucking each other all night. All the girls did each other and they all attacked me at the same time a few times. It was like a real life porn. I remember every detail and everything we did. I could write a book just describing all the fun sex we had and what they each did with me and each other. We stopped at about 6 am and I went to work that morning. Half asleep and smelling like pussy I'm sure. Half hung over. Lol I got to fuck my friends wife a few more times after that. And heather Sarah and I had a few more threesomes too. It was amazing!!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Limits

Posts about limits seem to be popping up everywhere and with recent discussions with Casanova about limits, I have chosen to write about limits again.

I normally do not accept a sub or switch without lengthy discussion of limits, fantasy, desires, kinks, and

Casanova originally stated only one hard limit. And it was something that seemed like a rule meant to be broken. He soon realized that he would do away with that limit if I pushed, leaving him limitless. He said that he didn't want any restrictions during play.  I normally don't encourage couples to do away with written limits until they have spent a lot of time together. This is not something I can see a number of days or months or play sessions for.

My limits still stand. As romantic as it would be to adopt the same lack of restrictions during play policy, I simply am not there. I listed 4 hard limits.

1. I shall not be given to anyone else. Although he is my switch, I have only submitted to two people in my whole life and never to anyone for a long term arangement. My only submissive experience has been as a switch and based a few hours at a time.

2. Nothing that causes conflict with my germophobic fears. This includes but is not limited to golden showers, contact with fecal matter, licking of an unclean surface and forcing these acts on another person.

3. Nothing which endangers my career. This imcludes all ilegal activity.

4. No permanent marks or damage. This one slipped my mind until I read a story which Lord Raven.  I owe him a thank you for prompting deeper thought in regards to this limit.

As a switch who is mostly domme most people I played with didn't know my limits. I originally felt bad for having more limits than Casanova but I also know that years he has spent both as a sub and as a Master has likely changed his view on restrictions during play. These are the things that mark what I am simply not ok with today, and as this list is always changing and evolving I will not deny that I have limits and also that those limits are much different than 5 years ago.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Line Writing Punishment

If you read my post about essays you may have got the impression that I favor essays over line writing. That may be true, but line writing is also a valuable tool.

I use line writing to enforce a rule when deep thought on why this rule is in place is not needed. It also works very well when essays have already been written on the topic (as fur sissy mentioned in earlier comments). Line writing also serves as a task that can be used to calm an upset sub. It is much easier for an upset sub to write a line 100 times opposed to writing an essay with organized thought. If used to calm a sub, I think of it as busy work to give him time to calm his thoughts some.

I like to have a sub recite the lines when he is done. For example, if he wrote "I will always address my beautiful Mistress properly every time I greet her." 100 times, then he will read the statement to me 100 times after he finishes. I love to hear my sub's voice and this gives him a chance to use his voice for my pleasure and also helps to beat it in his head.

I also like to have a sub write the lines on his own body. This makes it more personal as he is forced to live with the lines until they wash off. This also makes it more meaningful than writing on paper that will be thrown away. It can be sexy to see him covered in writing. I would suggest making him write the number indicating the repetition by each line, as it can be harder to get that neat lines look. Making him keep the lines parallel and neat and hidden do add to the challenge.

 I never accept lines that are not nearly written. And yes I have rejected handwriting before. I find that men with the worst handwriting whom type everything can write neatly for a Mistress.
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