Friday, April 28, 2017

Because He says so... Mf

She focused on he sound of his voice, allowing it to be her security blanket soothing her mind offering warmth and comforting her soul. Her eyes closed as she fell into the solace of his voice. She could feel his hand brush against her cheek. She stepped back until she felt the wall against her back. She could hear the smile on his voice as he admired her body. A small gasp left her mouth as she felt him hold her hand in his. She relaxed knowing nothing he could possibly do would convey what she meant to him as much as that simple gesture.

She felt his hand on her thigh, sliding up to the top of her panties under her dress. The warmth of his hand against her skin sent a shudder across her body. His hand was sliding against her smooth skin. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She remembered the rule “ no touching without permission”. Wishes for her hands to be bound above her cloud her mind. She holds her hands above her head, just as they will be bound later. She feels His fingertips touching and pulling small sounds from her.

Nothing else exists but the two of them standing there. There are no other sounds, thoughts, or feelings. His voice still remains as that warm safety blanket that wraps around her holding her close. He is truly her safe place.

She holds her breath a moment as she feels his fingertips explore against her flesh, knowing they are now drenched in the evidence of her desire for him. He admired how the smallest movement of his hand against her caused such great physical response . He adored hearing those sounds pass her lips. Knowing that he is the reason for the sounds made them even sexier.

“Cum. Cum for me.” He demanded.

There was no thought. There was only her reaction as she obeyed his command.

Her hands touch the headphones on her ears. Her knees feel weak. Her eyes open. She blinks at the empty room. She feels dizzy and leans on the wall for support. She listens to his voice still caressing against her skin and praising her for her obedience. She smiles.

She knows she can't deny that she belongs to him with every ounce of her soul.

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