Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just another hat on the wall

A baseball cap that was faded by time and tattered with use held the honored place on the wall. It covered an engraved snowflake that stayed on display all year. It had been an ill fit gift from an unloyal friend. And also the only friend who ever gave me anything. The hat was a small reminder that someone cares what I think and seeks my approval. It was the only trace of him in my house. There were no flowers from the lust stricken admirer, no glittering jewels hidden away, no love letters laying under dust. Every time I saw the hat I shared a small smile knowing the hat that he had previously wore everyday rested on my wall. It was an elk head in the elegant dining hall. It isnt the first thing people notice, but still the one thing that doesnt truly belong.  That hat distracted me from my lonely world that I still walked through daily.  And just like him it became just another meaningless kiss in the wind. It is just another memory that reminds me of who I really am. Just like the man who wore it, the hat is gone. And I dont care one way or the other.

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